Chronicle Events


Special Fridays

18 January, 2019
Small Vagator, Ozran Beach, Goa - 403509

Since the time of the Gods, there has always been a register of evolving historic events, called Chronicle.

Goa rose from the sea around 12,000 years ago, in a burst of volcanic eruption. This gives the facade of serene beaches broken by a wild volcanic headlands, like is there at the beaches of Vagator and best seen from our foot-stomping natural dance floor Chronicle is a high-end beach bar on a small slice of heaven called Little Vagator. Come and enjoy a day of waves crashing, sun setting & stars glistening into the night... *CHRONICLE* Sunsets will never be the same again.

Happy Hours

5PM - 7PM


Start: January 18, 2019
End: January 18, 2019
Event Time: 5PM Onwards
Happy Hours: 5PM - 7PM
Event Category: Normal


Venue Name: Ozran Beach, Goa
Address: Small Vagator, Ozran Beach, Goa - 403509


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